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It’s that time of year – High School graduation season!

NEDC Champions people and enable their contribution to our economy. We know our community’s youth are an invaluable asset, and are happy to honor them this graduation season as we celebrate all paths to a productive future!

Employment – a pathway to productivity

Congratulations Chase on entering the workforce at Norwalk Concrete Industries!

  • Chase recognizes that for his next step, school isn’t for him.
  • In 5 years he plans to be living on his own enjoying his career.
  • If he could have dinner with any person, it’d be L.A. Clippers’ Paul George.
Enlistment – A Pathway to Productivity

  • Being in the military has been something Tyson has wanted to do since he was a little kid to better himself, achieve personal goals, and set a high standard for himself.
  • If Tyson could have dinner with one person, it would be Zach Bryan.
Enrollment – A Pathway to Productivity

  • Paris plans to study art education with a minor in Spanish because she loves creating art and wants to teach others.
  • In 5 years she plans to be graduated and teaching high school students all sorts of art.
  • If she could eat dinner with anyone, it would be Frida Kahlo because she loves her self portraits.
Congratulations to these seniors and many more, we look forward to your contributions to our economy.