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The Norwalk Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) was created in 2002 by a dedicated group of concerned private businesspeople and public officials and began operations in July 2003. As the organization has evolved with the economic and community landscape over almost twenty years, one thing has consistently remained the same, NEDC’s mission:

To identify and capitalize on opportunities to continuously improve the Norwalk area’s business base.

While NEDC’s mission has remained unwavering, we have not been immune to the remarkable changes, opportunities, and threats that have emerged from the global COVID-19 pandemic. After playing a new role in supporting economic stabilization, growth, and diversification during the pandemic, helping to support business of all industries and sizes to pivot to meet new challenges, NEDC came out of the height of the pandemic needing to pivot itself. NEDC brought on its new Executive Director in 2021 just as our last strategic plan was expiring. NEDC’s Board of 19 Directors from 8 industries embarked upon a process to look from the outside in and develop a three-year plan that not only outlines clear action steps and accountability but lends itself to growth for the community as a whole and NEDC as an organization. Over the course of a quarter, the board completed surveys, reviewed research backed by the International Economic Development Council, analyzed community data from EMSI, and participated in a strategic retreat. The results of this process are found in the following pages. This plan represents the why and the how behind a mission that has remained our clear focus for nearly 20 years.

Download the full plan by clicking here.


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