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RISE LogoThe Regional Incubator for Sustainability & Entrepreneurship, RISE, launched a local “Youth Pitch Challenge” this month. RISE has made a name for itself providing technical assistance in the start up and scale up phases of business development for adult entrepreneurs, and now is expanding its effort to support youth, our community’s future entrepreneurs.  

A business “pitch” is a compelling, interesting, sales presentation. RISE’s youth pitch challenge will provide students with the opportunity to learn pitching, and the skills required to make a strong pitch, in a competitive forum. 

Utilizing a curriculum from the Young Entrepreneur Institute, RISE has partnered with North Point Educational Service Center to pilot this local Pitch Challenge in five area high schools – Huron City Schools, Margaretta, New London, Norwalk High School, and Sandusky Central Catholic. 

Teachers in participating classrooms receive hands-on support and guided facilitation from RISE through six zoom calls. They are invited to attend two workshops with their students. The program then culminates in the final Pitch Challenge event on Thursday, March 16, 2023 at BGSU Firelands. 

Through pitching activities and practice, kids learn creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, and presentation skills. RISE and its program hosts ECEDC and NEDC strongly believe that every student can develop critical workforce readiness skills through entrepreneurial activities. 

RISE Coordinator Alissa Fisher explains what’s so great about the Pitch Challenge, “Developing, practicing, and implementing a pitch help students build necessary life skills and learn more about entrepreneurship, engages the community, strengthens regional relationships, increases visibility of local programs, and reinforces academic content”. 

RISE is still seeking corporate sponsors for the Pitch Challenge. Interested partners should contact the Coordinator by January 31st at rise@norwalknedc.com