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Our office environment at NEDC

Norwalk Economic Development Corporation is looking for an Economic Development Assistant.

This position is ideal for someone with an interest in business, a heart and mind for the community, and organizational skills to boot! It would serve as a nice entry into the world of economic development. Download the job description here. 

AT NEDC our mission is to identify and capitalize on opportunities to continuously improve the Norwalk area’s business base. Our responsibilities are to work collaboratively with local business, institutions and economic development partners to strengthen Norwalk’s position in the regional, state, national and global economy.

The Economic Development Assistant reports to the Executive Director and must maintain a high degree of competency and professionalism. All work is confidential and requires significant personal interaction with high level corporate and governmental leadership.

Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to NEDC Executive Director Sarah Ross at director@norwalknedc.com with the subject line “ED Assistant Application – Name”. This position has a target start date of no later than December 2022.