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The Regional Incubator for Sustainability & Entrepreneurship (RISE), a small business support program in Erie and Huron Counties, recently organized an informative and engaging virtual workshop titled “Know Yourself to Lead Yourself.” The event took place over Zoom on June 28th from 12pm to 1pm, attracting a diverse audience of business owners and leaders from the local community.

The workshop, facilitated by Steve Beal, Director of the Enrichment Centers for Huron County and a GiANT certified guide, aimed to empower participants with valuable insights into their individual tendencies, communication styles, and their impact on the world around them. Beal, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial realms, delivered an interactive session that captivated the 23 attendees present.

Beal’s background includes over 30 years as a senior bank executive managing a division with 18 branches in NW Ohio. He has also accrued more than 10 years of experience as a business owner specializing in team building activities such as rock climbing and rappelling. As a GiANT certified guide for over four years, he has presented transformative workshops on “5 Voices – Transforming Team Communication” and “100X Leader – Becoming a Leader Worth Following.” Steve has also successfully led and coached individuals through a 1-year leadership program called Altitude Training.

Attendees of the workshop gained valuable insights from Beal’s expertise. One participant, a former colleague of Steve, commended his ability to build relationships with those he led, stating, “Steve was really good about building relationships with who he led, and this helped the person who he was holding accountable know he had good intentions when he would have to ‘confront’ us with a dissatisfaction. Being able to build those relationships is an art in itself.”

Throughout the workshop, participants learned about the significance of their tendencies and actions, recognizing how they can impact others and shape their own realities. Additionally, the workshop emphasized the importance of clarity in communication to avoid misalignment, drama, and performance issues within teams. Attendees were introduced to three words – Provisional, Plan, and Promise – designed to enhance communication and clarify intent and expectations surrounding ideas, plans, and initiatives.

An essential aspect of the workshop focused on the building of effective relationships, both in professional and personal spheres. The ability to cultivate meaningful connections with colleagues and loved ones was highlighted as a vital factor contributing to happiness, productivity, and overall success.

The “Know Yourself to Lead Yourself Workshop” was an engaging opportunity for local business owners to take a look at their leadership style. RISE hosts events monthly for entrepreneurs to gain insightful knowledge on a range of topics like leadership. To learn more about RISE, visit www.norwalknedc.com/rise.